Hi-Tech comes to the Rescue Again!


search engine web writes ":-)BrainGateâ„¢ Neural Interface System: First Clinical Trial LaunchedCyberkinetics' first clinical product is the BrainGateâ„¢ Neural Interface System. Based on more than ten years of development at Brown University, the BrainGateâ„¢ System is intended to provide severely disabled people with a permanent, direct and reliable interface to a personal computer.The Company has initiated a pilot (feasibility) clinical trial of the BrainGate â„¢ System in up to five severely disabled people unable to use their hands. The implant is designed to allow signals from the motor cortex to be collected, processed and analyzed, eventually producing an interface with a personal computer.In this way, the BrainGateâ„¢ System has the potential to afford people the opportunity to use the computer as a gateway to communicate and control assistive devices in their environment.http://www.cyberkineticsinc.com/http://channels.lockergnome.com/news/archives/0101 80.phtml"

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