"MIT's new Stata Center -- which will house CSAIL, the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory -- was designed by renowned architect Frank O. Gehry to foster creativity and out-of-the-box thinking: walls lean and tilt like stacked building blocks and staircases seem suspended in air. MIT president Charles M. Vest says, "We hope that it's going to be a building that will inspire people, make them think a little bit, and will frankly show a little bit of the audacity and fun we have at MIT, as well as the hard work we do." Architect Gehry, whose designs include the acclaimed Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, admits that the building "does take a step into another realm, of innovation, and a bit of a sense that it doesn't take itself so seriously, as some modernism does. It tends to have a sense of humor, and I think that is attractive these days -- I hope so anyway." The building is packed with technology, including a holodeck that researchers will use to create three-dimensional environments. (AP/San Jose Mercury News 6 May 2004)" Read story here.

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nitpick: Stata, not Strata.
An amazing building, by any name.

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