"The Library of Congress has made available online the National Child Labor
Committee Collection, consisting of more than 5,000 photographs taken
1908-1924 (mostly by Lewis Hine) focusing on children and showing workers,
working and living conditions, and educational settings. LOC says that for
the first time, all the images and original National Child Labor Committee
captions can be viewed together. LOC Prints & Photographs Reading Room May
link here.


And frankly, I think I'm better off for it!!

Growing up on a farm, my cousins and I were driving tractors at age 6, dragging bales of hay across a hot hayloft at 8-10.

We learned the value of work--and it was just part of life.

While I agree that kids can be abused in this manner, I tend to think they're a lot worse off by what they watch on TV at ages 6-10.

...than sit in front of the computer all day and whine on weblogs about "liberals"?

Child laborers also have those little hands that can reach into the cotton gins when the cotton gets all tangled up.