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Greetings Lisnewsteers. Thrice weekly the Studio B Buzz goes out from the folks at Studio B (including moi) and Blake\'s been kind enough to give me permission to post some of the highlights here. So for news on a new reading program from B&N, new reading devices from Thomson, and the Lightning Source deal with Versaware, read on...If you dig this news, you might want to check out the Studio B Buzz at . Or just read the highlights here.

* Lightning Source strikes a deal with Versaware
Publishers Weekly: August 21, 2000.

Lightning Source and Versaware have announced a
strategic alliance to expand digital services.
Versaware will provide digital conversion for Lightning
Source customers, and Lightning Source will provide print-on-demand technology for Versaware clients. The co-founder of Versaware revealed \"we\'ll be working with Lightning Source on other delivery and content-management technologies that we\'ll announce later.\"

* Thomson will debut RCA reading devices
PR Newswire: August 21, 2000.

Thomson will debut the RCA-brand eBooks in September at the
New York is Book Country book fair. Fair attendees will be
able to see two models, REB1100 and REB1200, which will be
sold under the RCA brand name. The REB1100 model will
feature a 5.5\" backlit monochrome LCD touch screen, store up
to 20 books or 8000 paperback pages and weigh only 17
ounces. Features on the REB1200 will include a 8.5\" backlit
color LCD touch-screen, a 56K modem and an Ethernet port.

* Barnes & and Nestle USA have announced
a special reading program. Plans include joining
with Donny Osmond, Maria Shriver and Rick Schroder
to encourage instituting family reading times.
Read the press release at

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