Yet another "Libraries on NPR" story.


The DC-area Public Radio program The Diane Rehm Show, which has national distribution on a number of NPR affiliates, featured libraries in the second hour. Guests were Toni Garvey of Phoenix, ALA president Carla Hayden, and Winston Tabb, formerly of the Library of Congress, now with Johns Hopkins University.

And yes, for those of you who listened, I was "Karl from Tulsa" who called about pay equity.

Update: The show in question, the second hour on Thursday, May 6, seems to be in limbo right now. The main website (linked above) has moved on to show next week's shows, while the archive isn't showing May yet. This link should eventually get you to the right place (based on the way other URLs are written on the site), but right now it's dead. Sorry.

ReUpdate: That last link is now operational, and will take you directly to the show's section on last week's archive page.


Not sure why, but archives (at least last I checked) weren't available on the website for this show.

The website is oddly arranged. It lists a whole Monday-Friday week in that order so today's show (Thursday 5/6) is toward the bottom of the page.

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