'Poop fiction' big hit with kids


CNN has a
into the recent phenomenon of "Poop fiction." Books such as "Walter the Farting Dog," the Captain Underpants series, The Day My Butt Went Psycho," and its sequel, "Zombie Butts from Uranus!" have become a big hit with kids (Can't imagine why). Some quotes below:

Glenn Murray blushes a hearty shade of red when a cashier at a Chicago deli recognizes him: "Heyyyyyy!" the young man shouts gleefully -- and loudly. "You're the fart-man!"

"For many, many kids, this is the first book they read that starts them on a path of reading," says Barbara Marcus, president of Scholastic's children's books division.

Librarians call such stories "book hooks," says Barbara Genco, immediate past president of Association of Library Services to Children.

Gail Glover, a mom from Port Crane, New York, bought the latter book for 9-year-old son Robbie, but later wondered if she'd made a mistake.
Among her objections were "descriptions of bodily functions that made my hair curl."
"But of course, they solicited howls of laughter from my son," Glover says, chalking it up to "a rite of passage in the development of his sense of humor."


Sorry you can't take this to the bathroom with you....Facts on Farts and BN.com fart bibliography.

Yeah, I know I posted these not too long ago, but, well, pfttttt.......

Now, here's an issue that's going to raise a stink with the censors for generations to come.

Leave us not forget the very FIRST poop book, a multi-million seller, "Everyone Poops" by Taro Gomi.
It was published here in the US in 1993 (translated from the Japanese), and is, of the genre, what might be called a classic.

"For many, many kids, this is the first book they read that starts them on a path of reading."Hmm, how does this sound: "For many adults, online pornography is the first step on a path to the Information age."

It's definitely the kind of humour young kids, especially, love. I'm planning to buy Walter the farting dog and the second Walter book next year (next budget money available)--not sure if I'm quite brave/crazy enough to use it as a read aloud, although I'm tempted.

I know if there's even a hint of mention of certain bodily functions in a book, the kids all want to read it/take it out. Captain Underpants is popular more with the boys than the girls--although they are probably the most poorly bound paper backs I've ever had misfortune to own. I keep repairing them and the kids keep reading them...What's also cute is if the book I'm reading mentions kissing (ie a mother kissing a child goodnight) the boys are all like "YUCK!!" It's cute.

It may not be high literature, but it does get the kids interested in books...and eventually they'll read the "quality" stuff...


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