Bush creates health information position

nbruce writes "President Bush on Tuesday created the post of National Health Information Technology Coordinator, who will coordinate bar codes on drug bottles, paperless medical records and other high-tech government health initiatives. . . Other official duties for the health information technology coordinator include promoting the adoption of information technology in the health sector and developing ways to make it affordable for rural and poor communities. Story here." (Free registration required.)


How many high level health positions does one government need? And at whose expense? I support the idea about trying to provide health care and information, and to make it "affordable for rural and poor communities". Why not cut through the bureaucracy and use existing coordinator and Secretary positions? Put the money where it is needed; provide insurance and health care to children, the elderly, the poor and working poor.

Maybe it will be a reshuffle, someone moved upstairs, others can close ranks? These days you sure can't tell which party is fiscally conservative.

Yeah, I thought the Republicans were against "big government"!?

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