Looking for Librarian Filmmakers

InfoWhale writes to share the following announcement, "I have suggested to Marie Nesthus, director of the media program at NYPL's Donnell Library Center, that she run a series of films that have been created by librarians-turned-filmmaker. She would like to do so sometime in spring 2005. Everyone knows about the many librarians-turned-author, but as far as either one of us knows, no one has ever programmed such a series. I myself am the associate producer for a new indie feature film made in West Virginia, "Correct Change."
One librarian in Lexington, Ky. directed a Sundance Film Festival hit film, "100 Proof." There are other librarian-turned-filmmaker (and
vica versa) out there. If you are interested in being part of this series,contact me: Steve Fesenmaier, 907 Churchill Circle, Charleston, WV
25314 (304) 345-5850 [email protected]"

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