Russell Crowe Helps Rebuild Library

Anonymous Patron writes "According to Movie/TV news from the Internet Movie Database, Russell Crowe is helping to rebuild a Montreal school library after it was attacked and burned."


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The firebombing of the school and library was a hate crime. In this era where politics in Hollywood reflects a justification of "so called" oppresed peoples and justifies violent acts in their cause Mr. Crowe's action is so incredible.
We are not talking about a Jewish actor or even an intellectual one, but rather one who views the destruction of a school and library as an abhorrent act. If only people could separate politics from care and feeling. Sheik Yassin doesn't justify destroying educational facilities or libraries. I am dismayed at the lack of outrage from professional library organizations concerning this act.

CLA statement

The president of the Canadian Library Association publicly denounced the bombing as a "heinous assault."

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