Free ice cream for literacy

Anonymous Patron writes Baskin Robbins does it again!

"As they've done for the past four years, Baskin-Robbins will again be holding an annual "Free Scoop Night" from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Wednesday, 28 April 2004. The ice cream is on the house, and for every scoop given away Baskin-Robbins makes a donation to First Book to provide new books for underprivileged kids. Come early, come often! (One scoop per customer per store.)"


I went to Bakin Robbins last night with some friends. We had heard about the free scoop promotion but our location (in Kansas) was not participating. They said that while the ads for this ran nationwide it was only for East and West coast locations. We weren't unhappy about this and bought some ice cream anyway. They were doing a very brisk business and we wondered if a lot of other people had come in because they heard about the promo.
I do think they should have specified which locations were participating. I could see how someone could be very upset as the ads were misleading to those of us in non-participating locations.

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