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The Boston Herald has an interesting Archives Story. It seems that Brandeis and Clark universities are afraid of the writings and memorabilia of Abbie Hoffman. Instead they will be kept at the University of Connecticut, which has no connection to the late Chicago Sevenster.

``Good Lord, why didn\'t they give it to Brandeis?\'\' asked Boston University professor Joseph Boskin, who lectures on the counterculture and regards Hoffman as a hero. ``They (probably) didn\'t want to be associated with Abbie Hoffman. Maybe his ethics offended them. What other reason might there be?\'\'

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Eliot Wilczek, a special archivist librarian at Brandeis - Hoffman\'s alma mater - declined comment, and a spokesman for Clark University - in Hoffman\'s hometown of Worcester - couldn\'t be reached.

Brandeis and Clark declined Jim Hoffman\'s offer to archive his brother\'s remaining books, letters, pins and T-shirt collection, as well as a pair of well-worn red, white and blue socks.

The memorabilia will now be kept at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center for Human Rights.

In 1968, Hoffman started the Yippie (Youth International Party) movement to bring radicals together to protest the government and the Vietnam War.

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