Librarians: Heroes of the Digital Revolution


StevenB writes "I found this complimentary passage in a longer article titled "Why IT Has Not Paid Off As We Had Hoped (Yet)" by two University of Virginia Professors.
The article is mostly about information technology in higher eduation not academic libraries, but the two had high praise for our profession:"If you had told people ten years ago that card catalogs would virtually disappear over the next decade, to be replaced by the systems we now enjoy for the management of all forms of information, they would not have believed you. The real heroes of the digital revolution in higher education are librarians; they are the people who have seen the farthest, done the most, accepted the hardest challenges, and demonstrated most clearly the benefits of digital information. In the process, they have turned their own field upside down and have revolutionized their own professional training. It is a testimony to their success that we take their achievement for granted." You can e-mail that to anyone who seems to be taking you for granted.

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