Student Living In, Evicted from NYU Library

Steven M Cohen sends " this story from the about a New York University student who made his home in the University's library for eight months before ratting himself out via his livejournal. School officials, while sympathetic and finding his journal "cute" didn't feel the library was a suitable place and helped the young man find housing. He is currently waiting on news for next year's financial aid package."


The NY Times has an article about this kid as well. Apparently, the school has given him a free room for the rest of the semester and is working with him for financial aid for the next year.

When one searches Library Literature and Information Science in WilsonWeb and hits the thesaurus with the term "homeless", most of the literature returned appear facially to relate to the public libraries perspective and not the academic libraries world. This makes me curious as to why there is no discussion of such problems in academic libraries. 24 hour access to libraries does make cases like Stanzak's possible, though...

He wanted to live in the library, and he was not evicted NYU found him a room.Living in the library provided him with something to write about, he is a Creative Writing major. He was not forced to live in the library, he just likes to be different, the NYT articles notes that he is used to being different.A combination of a martyr complex and research for his writing. He did shower at friends' houses so it is not as if he were without resources, this was a chosen lifestyle, as a most homeless persons who are not mentally ill. He chose to sleep in the library, he could have gone somewhere else.

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