What\'s in the Book Return

News-Record.com has a rather funny
Story on the stuff found in book
returns, and the books themselves. We ran a story
awhile back on a cat found in a book return.

patron kept his place marked with a condom. Family
photos are a favorite, tucked inside books that often
weren\'t checked out from the High Point Library in the
first place.

\"It\'s wild,\" Akoje said. \"We get a whole lot of stuff back

What kind of stuff have you found
in the return, or left in a book?More from News-Record

people use dollar bills for bookmarks, but it\'s not
usually a windfall for underpaid library staff.

\"People wind up returning to get those back,\" said Ruth
Ann Copley, assistant director of libraries for Davidson

Trash is another common item left in library drop
boxes, especially in stand-alone return boxes that
resemble trash cans.

A decade ago, garbage was a big problem at the
Thomasville Public Library, but for opposite reasons.
Just down from the book drop sat a trash can.
Librarians wound up pulling books out of the trash
more often than they\'d like, said Debra Swaim, formerly
of the Thomasville Library and now branch manager of
the library in Denton. The trash can, along with the
library itself, has since been moved.

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