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The Library....a strip club in Vegas

anonymous writes "There is a strip club in Vegas called The Library. Here is the link:

The Library -

The review states that club has some nice touches. For example:

Book cases near the entry, cocktail waitresses dress like librarians. Three stages plus a shower room.

My question is: Do you need an MLS to work there?"


Interesting that a strip club tries to be a library to attract customers...I guess my library doen't need to implement the new "Cocktail waitress" dresscode that was supposed to go into effect May 1.And we'll turn of the neon lights shaped liked lips saying "shhh"

... No matter what a librarian tells you, there is no sex in the reserves room! (Apologies to Chris Rock.)

Is our professional posture vis-a-vis the public so nerdy and stuffy that such an abomination is used to mock what we do. American Libraries many years ago highlighted sterotypes of our profession in the media. Remember Its a Wonderful Life. When Mary didn't marry George she became an Old Maid Librarian. Remember the Seinfeld espisode about the librray policeman. I think this spoof points to a bigger problem we have in how our profession is presented to the public.

Well, refusing to lighten up and laugh at ourselves every once in a while won't exactly help the public image of us as "stuffy."

Besides, we're far from the only profession about which people hold stereotypes... our stereotype isn't really so bad compared to what people think of lawyers and politicians!

First Denver and now Las Vegas. This week is just full of library/ians links to sex and alcohol. Could this become a social phenomena? But, what about the rock'n' roll?

I'm not sure the existence of the strip club is a matter of ridicule so much as catering to a common sexual fantasy/fetish about the "librarian type."

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