Library backs off Web filtering


The Nashua, NH Public Library has dropped a policy that forced people browsing the Internet on library computers to use Filters. The Filters were dropped due to threats to sue the library last month. The suit said the policy interfered with rights of adults to view any material they wish.

\'\'It\'s pretty cut and dry,\'\' said Arthur Barrett. \'\'Our chance of winning a lawsuit was probably slim to none.\'\'

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Library officials had defended the software, saying officials wanted to keep people, especially children, from using library Internet connections to access pornography.

But the advocacy group said the filtering software, regardless of good intentions, prevents people from accessing constitutionally protected information.

\'\'I\'m happy that the Nashua Library Board of Trustees has finally voted to start to bring its library policy into line with the Bill of Rights,\'\' said Art Ketchen, president of the Nashua-based First Amendment Legal Defense Fund.

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