Alternatives Library at ECO Bell

Anonymous Patron sends "this site for an alternative library created by the EcoIntegrity Center in Bellingham (WA). According to the website, the library is "a grassroots organization dedicated to providing open access to materials expressing viewpoints and information not readily available through mainstream publications, mass-media sources, and more traditional outlets."


After corresponding with the organizer I visited this library briefly. Set up in an extremely attractive old Victorian house in an older neighborhood of Bellingham, Washington, it appears to be assembled from the donations of many individuals rather than a purposely-built collection. Most of the books are the type one would expect to find in the personal collections of environmental and peace and justice advocates, and they're organized into general categories rather than in any sort of comprehensive scheme. Here's what the organizer told me about selection criteria:
"the criteria is this: we take books that were life changers for folks. but life changing in that they decided to live a path more careful of
cultural diversity (social justice) and/or biodiversity (nature). or we have a wish list that people can choose from and donate to us."
Processing and cataloging are minimal. The organizer told me that they are working on a catalog (several computers were in evidence)but it won't be ready for awhile. There are posters for local events on every available surface, as well as a suggestion box and wish list to gather users' opinions and needs.
While it's clearly an amateur effort, this library is growing fast and is definitely worth a visit (and support). Cheerio! Jonathan

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