Learn how to handle information overload

The Salt Lake Tribune has a story about information overload and some suggestions for how to handle it.
Read full story here.
"The reason people feel overwhelmed with information is because there is an uncomfortable internal feeling because they can't take it all in -- they don't have the 'mental furniture' to set it down."


Who, what , where ,why and when...the greatest of them is Who? I hammer it at my students, who said it, who said it? To deal with info overload if you can not get a hook on who said it, then delete it.

Good rule of thumb there. What topic do you teach?

I'm the librarian..where ever there is ignorance I'm there. The door to my office reads information detective. And information is only as good as its source and each source has its own slant. Tough for a kid to grasp. However, I am a slash.dot newbie. Hope I'm doin' it right

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