Counter Clinton Library Wins Tax Break

Not to be confused with the official Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, the Counter Clinton Library was in the news today for obtaining tax-exempt status as a nonprofit organization. The Library's ultimate goal is "to let not one Clinton lie go unanswered, to let not one Clinton evasion go unquestioned and to let not one Clinton slander go unchallenged."


It matters not a bit what subject matter the library covers, if it is open to the public and does not have a profit making purpose it should be tax exempt.

Hitler library, Anti-semite library, Racist library, White power library, Homophobe library - they should all be tax exempt. I doubt they would stay open long due to public outcry, and lack of funding but they should be tax exempt. I know these are extreme and I doubt they would be opened, but as librarians we must be content neutral, neither encouraging nor discouraging any viewpoint.

I hope this was said tongue in cheek. A tax-exempt status doesn't make a private library a "public library" as we understand that term which is supported by taxpayers.

Librarians who work for private libraries are expected to have a viewpoint, otherwise they wouldn't be able to develop a collection policy or provide support for researchers. You can use a Lutheran church library, but don't expect a definitive Calvin or Wesley collection (or even a librarian who knows who they were) just because it is tax-exempt.

Is Al Franken and those damn libruls behind this? :)

Must share my wife's response to this article...
"Oh my God. This anti-Clinton syndrome should be defined in the DSM
(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.) They need medication. They need support groups...but I guess that's what the
library is for."

Your right that public vs private doesn't matter. Its a question of money.

I disagree about only private libraries having a viewpoint. A public librarian is going to reflect the community they're in. A public library on the coast is going to be different from a public library in farm country. They may have a lot of the same titles but the overall focus would be different in terms of culture and history and whatever else may be unique to that area.

No, private library with tax exempt status does not a public (taxpayer supported) library make.

I could have been clearer when I said public library. However a library granted tax exempt status should be open to the public no matter how whacko the collection. If only so we can go in and consult it to see how really whacko it is. "Hey look I'm at the KKK library and you'll never guess what these nuts believe." Replace that with Clinton, or anti-Clinton or what have you.

One post said:>> A public librarian is going to reflect the community they're in.NOT SO!!! Just read about how the library administration at the Topeka Public Library (Kansas) expouse their views:Topeka Shawnee County Public LibraryIn a public meeting intended to sway public opinion regarding internet filters, John Opgaard, speaking for the library, gave a one-sided presentation pointing out the reasons why NOT to use filtering. Of course he used the old "breast" and "chicken" example that has been so overused for the past 8 years--taken (likely) from the ALA site. And of course he used old review information illustrating how so many sites are overblocked or underblocked--old information on technologies that have now greatly improved.Near the end, John mentioned they were doing what the public required, to which someone said, "And who is the public?" (He explained that he meant "the library board".) Interestingly, there were about 8 people (er... public) at this presentation, 7 of which were seeking more protection from our library, and 1 of which was a legislator who came for the information. In addition, there was the Executive Director of the Library and his family. It seems that the public WAS SPEAKING... but the library personnel were NOT HEARING.More examples like that of the Topeka Public Library at: Incredible stories, quips and quotes, of misinformation, unsubstantiated claims, and deception.

Conservatism as pathology? Yep.

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