Eager Readers Name Favorite Books

As a librarian,undoubtedly you're an eager reader--but on the other hand, perhaps your name isn't legend. Here from the AP is a list of "Who Reads What" published annually by retired librarian Glenna Nowell in Gardiner, Maine. The list includes (of course) first lady Laura Bush (whose husband made the list as Texas Governor in 1999), along with John Major (former British PM), Al Roker (TV personality), authors actors and politicians. Favorite reads are by Dostoyevsky, Trollope, Walter Mosely and Truman Capote, among others.


I can see Major reading Trollope, especially now that he's retired, and most of the other ones make sense too. The problem I have with this self-reported list is that it seems quite likely, to me, that people will name things that they should be reading, rather than what they are reading. For example, the Michigan Governor reading Kennedy sounds a bit too much like something that the PR office suggested.

I enjoy reading the list, especially when people give their reasons behind their selections. For instance, Greg Louganis mentioned that he liked Jonathan Livingston Seagull so much because it was the first book that he was able to read all the way through by himself. He has dyslexia and considers it quite a triumph to do that, and I have to agree with him on that. Your first book read by yourself is always special and when you have reading problems, then it is all the more so.

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