Dolly Parton to be Named Living Legend by Library of Congress

search engine web writes "Library of Congress will give LIVING LEGEND award to Dolly Parton, according to this story at Honorees are selected by the library's curators and specialists. Previous honorees have included Johnny Cash and Ray Charles; filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese; comedian Bob Hope; and baseball player Cal Ripkin Jr. Here's more about Dolly and her contribution to country music.


I like Dolly and she's definitly successful, but once you've said '9 to 5' and 'Jolene' it seems like you've covered her best stuff.

I wonder if part of the criteria is to be famous just for being famous?

I'm down with Dolly. She's an incredibly gifted singer/songwriter, and has recently focused on traditional, Appalachian material. Once you get past the boobs and hair, you'll find a very intelligent woman with killer business sense. Here's an NPR interview, done by Scott Simon, from a couple years' back. Plus, she's started a literacy initiative.

Have you heard her last few albums? She's done some great bluegrass, country/bluegrass, and traditional tunes! I own those, but I probably would never buy her earlier stuff.

Have you read her autobiography? She is one tough lady to make it through her early years and in the music business in Nashville in the 1960's. A lot of early songwriters in Nashville do not own their own songs. To find evidence that she does proves her business smarts. I have always liked her quote - "I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb... and I also know that I'm not blonde."

And the bluegrass songs she is performing now really highlights her beautiful voice.! Try some!

Dolly's done a tremendous amount of work towards high school graduation rates and literacy in her home county of Sevier County in Tennessee. Not to mention the work that Dollywood has done with endangered eagles.And she has one of my favorite mottos: "When life gets you down, you just have to pull yourself up by the bra straps and move on."

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