Gopher becoming "Invisible Web" Resources


search engine web writes "Having started before the Web - but was immediately surpassed by the "free access" philosophy behind the Web - Gopher is becoming an option of Archived and esoteric research...Read the WIRED story here.According to a list on, over 250 active gopher servers are currently online, serving documents ranging from lawyer jokes to the text of the Shays-Meehan campaign finance reform bill. Almost half these servers are affiliated with American colleges and universities, but servers are also located on every continent but Africa and Antarctica.One such repository is and is maintained by John Goerzen, a 24-year-old Kansas systems administrator and programmer. In addition to managing what is to his knowledge the largest actively maintained gopher server in existence, Goerzen is the developer of a gopher server called PyGopherd, and the maintainer of the original gopher code from the University of Minnesota."


To view the gopher server at Quux, just click here. Mozilla thunderbird, and the rest of the netscape/mozilla family, continues to support the gopher protocol directly. It seems that Opera 7 and IE don't, however.

Can you check your link? I got a bum page.

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