Teens’ library needs

Teens want comfy chairs, a place to chat, snacks and plenty of Internet access according to a survey in MT. The Story from the Billings Gazette reports on the not so suprising findings of the survey.

\"Brett Janecek, a 14-year-old freshman at Billings Central, envisions a teen center at the public library where he could “get away, relax and sit, and chill.”

And really, isn\'t it all about chillin\'?More from The Billings Gazette

\"Twenty-three teens responded to the Gazette’s questionnaire on the library’s plans to create a teen/young adult center this fall in a corner room on the library’s second floor that once housed back issues of magazines. The teens showed overwhelming support for creating a space in which conversation was encouraged and refreshments were available.

The Gazette questionnaire was done in advance of a series of three library focus groups to solicit comments from teens about the proposed project.

In the past, library services for teen readers often boiled down to a shelf of young adult fiction located between the children’s department and the adult fiction, said Bill Cochran, the library’s director.

“We’re trying to recognize and specifically address their unique needs,” Cochran said.

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