Intellectual Property Is an Oxymoron

We just don\'t have enough intellectual property stories.Here\'s One from on how the Web has killed IP.

\"Technology is forcing us to re-evaluate the legal notion of intellectual property. The original compromise struck for the good of society has become unbalanced, and the reactions from the situation\'s current beneficiaries to counter this unrest have only disturbed the situation more. Copyright as it now stands has outlived its original purpose, and is no longer clearly beneficial to society as a whole. New business models must emerge, and are already emerging, to replace the old. \"More from

This is why I feel sorry for the RIAA and MPAA, and hope their death struggles don\'t do too much damage. As they beat an upward retreat, they still have plenty of cash to lobby for new laws and hire lawyers to win precedent-setting court victories. The golden rule -- he who has the gold makes the rules -- still applies to our legal system. But all the gold in the world won\'t keep a manufacturer of buggy whips in business once the automobile has been invented. These companies must either adapt to the new business models, or inevitably die of old age.

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