how vikings deal with overdue books


Anonymous Patron writes "Fines and fees are too tame for Vikings. Check out the punishment for overdue books in the Hagar the Horrible comic for Monday, April 5." (link changed to Seattle Post-Intelligencer)


One of the few English language libraries here in Quebec City is the Quebec Literary and Historical Society. It is located in the Old Quarter, in what is called Morrison College. Before the building was Morrison College, it was Quebec City's first jail. The building dates from the mid-19th century. There are still two cells in the basement, which, unfortunately, is not open to the public. A damned shame, because I like to say the Lit and His Society is probably the only library in the world with its own dungeon. And I have told people it's for those who don't return their books on time.

Someone (not the public) needs to go take some good pictures, and make some historical info to go with it. That would make a great display for that library.As well as a great place to do those lock-up bidding fund-raisers.-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

"Not open to the public"? How about open to fellow librarians interested in "professional" tours of other institutions, he asks hopefully.

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