Montreal police investigate fire that destroyed Jewish school's library

David Goldman writes "Police were investigating a fire that caused damage on Monday to the library of a Jewish school where anti-Semitic notes were taped to the building. Sidney Benudiz, head of the United Talmud Torahs school, said security will be increased at the elementary school after the fire heavily damaged books and computer equipment. Read the full story here."


"It's an act of terrorism, plain and simple," ...

The only simple thing about this is your little mind you stupid peckerwood. This was a hate crime, not terrorism.

I really hate to see crap like this. I count this as a very bad indication that Canadian society is being infected by rampant fear mongering.

The difference betweeen me and the Taliban is as follows: The Taliban does not tolerate tolerance, I do not tolerate intolerance.

Quite frankly, I don't see how that difference can be considered such a fine point that someone could miss the distinction.

You seem to have a LOT of time on your hands...and it's been apparent over the weeks from your comments to various news items and replies to others that you and the Taliban aren't really all THAT far apart regarding tolerance.

>>I'm going to agree with Fang-FaceWow, I hope this isn't the start of a trend!

The government is the people. A terrorist act is against the people who created the government. Your argument would imply that Palestinians bomb Israelies simply because of policy issues not because they want to see Jews dead. Its both. The attack on 9/11 was about our economic and military success but also because our society is quite a bit more open then life in the Taliban's Afghanistan.

Hate Crime or Terrorism, either ways its the same intent, same outcome.

... because I'm going to agree with Fang-Face on the distinction between hate crimes and terrorism. I can't see how the burning of a Jewish school library could be intended to influence political decision-making, at least not in Canada or the U.S. There is no conceivable public policy such a crime could sway. I suggest that the role of anti-semitic acts in the Weimar Republic was quite different than here and now because of the political climate of Germany at that time.

I don't think terrorism must be perpetrated against a government though. It could just as well be directed against the public with the intent of influencing a government's policies indirectly through public opinion. E.g. the Madrid bombings were in my view intended more to influence the voters than Aznar and his government.

There is no difference between a hate crime and terrorism.

Well, I see them as being different in that terrorism has some kind of political basis and is perpetrated against a government, whereas hate crimes target an ethnic group. The first is to sway political policy through initmidation and the second is to scare individuals.

It ranks more as a stupidity crime committed by complete morons.

The earlier desecration of a jewish cemetery certainly fits that description, but I can't count this as the same thing given that it was a work of arson and hate messages were left at the scene. Reported hate messages; I haven't seen what the pamphlets say. I don't know what kind of Islamist extremism we have in Canada, but they haven't committed this kind of atrocity so far. My money is on this being a copy cat crime by white supremacists.

Useless bastards; days like this I wish they'd all drop dead.

There is no difference between a hate crime and terrorism. They are both acts used to inspire fear in a certain group of people.

This incident is probably neither. It ranks more as a stupidity crime committed by complete morons. Its not anything a public whipping wouldn't solve.

Considering Canada's immigration policies are even worse then ours however I will hold out the possibility that Muslim extremists did it, which would classify it as both a terrorist act and a hate crime. Punishment should be the same, just more lashes.


As for the anti-semitism, we've had that already for decades; what worries me is the ultra-left wing nuts who are increasingly sniveling about anti-semitism at the drop of a criticism.

What? You hate to see someone call it terrorism or you hate to see someone burn down a Jewish library?

I see it as a bad indication that there are a few people in Canadian society that are being infected by anti-semitism.

Sorry, Fang...We should have been more clear. It's NOT you we were making comparison was GregSHUSH, who seems to have time on his hands and doesn't cotton too much to them thar strangers immigrating to HIS country. A real piece of work.

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