Kathleen de la Pena McCook writes "After the attacks of September 11, 2001, Congress very quickly passed the USA PATRIOT Act, even though several members of Congress later admitted that they did not have time to read the Act's 300+ pages of legislation before voting.Tampa: Safe AND Free is an organization of concerned individuals and community groups proposing a resolution to the Tampa City Council to defend our freedoms and rights locally against the USA Patriot Act and other federal assaults against our State and Federal Constitutions.
Details @: tampasafeandfree.org"


From the article, "even though several members of Congress later admitted that they did not have time to read the Act's 300+ pages of legislation before voting"

I hate to break it to you but you are living in a fantasy land if you think that legislation is read by all members of the congress. The statement above from the article could be said for almost any piece of legislation. That is why I believe in a very small federal government. I want them doing as little as possible because I don't want to be living under laws that were not thought out or read before they were passed. The states should take care of their citizens and the federal government should restrict itself to things like defense that can only be done well by the federal goverment. If a state can handle something they should.

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I would, but now I've posted too.

I like schadenfreude too, but I am partial to a good merlot.

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What is it with the anonymous posts that are most commonly flame bait or trolls. If this were my board, of course it isn't, I would charge a dime to post anonymously.

The discussion about what's "LISNews" and what's not has come up before. The short answer is, it's news because one of the authors (i.e. editors) decided it merited posting. Personally, I wouldn't miss any of the Patriot Act stories, what with it not appyling to me and all (but I do enjoy a bit of schadenfreude every now and then), but when I see something that I think isn't relevant, I skip it.

To paraphrase the quote, "Life's to short to read off-topic news postings."

Yep,It's just as pathetic as some conservative papers op ed piece about privocrats, counts as news on LISNEWS. What do librarians care about some wall street journal writers Opinion? Just another rant that is pro Patriot Act.

This is one instance I wish I could moderate and post! Conservator, your sentiments are insightful and informative.

I am not certain why librarians in general have such a liberal leaning. It is really interesting to see that on lisnews the non-conservatives moderate conservative comments as trolls, flamebait and offtopic when in fact they aren't. I guess it is OK to ignore other opinions if your a liberal.

I debated FSU vs USF for my MLS and I choose FSU because they were more responsive to my questions and answered my emails quickly. FSU also has a PhD program in the School of Library and Info Sci. whereas USF does not. I guess USF is busy drafting pointless resoulutions and being politically active, rather than teaching and researching. I am glad I choose the teaching and research school.

These resoulutions are nonsense, but I am certain the city council will pass it. Why do any real work when you can pass feel good legislation to stroke the people.

So, text blocked and pasted from a liberal advocacy group's Web page counts as news at LISNews? As if everyone on the Web should care about an initiative to have the Tampa City Council pass yet another invalid and illegitimate local resolution against the Patriot Act...


I have no doubt that many state legislators do not read bills either. I am not an anarchist and I like roads, libraries, and the like, so I think we need a government. My state government is closer to me and I think the average state citizen has more voice with their state than people have with the federal governent.

Well, there's even more fantasy land if you think our state legislators read the legislation. Here in Florida, they don't even write it, nevermind read it. It is spoon fed to them by the lobbyist and crammed down their throats by the governor.And what's going on with the libraries in the area? Where are their names on the list of supporters? Where's the Tampa Bay Library Consortium who is the umbrella organization for libraries in the area? When are these groups going to take a stand? The state chapter of ALA, the Florida Library Association (FLA) has passed a resolution against the USA Patriot Act as well as some counties and cities in Florida. But where are the libraries???

Bravo, well said.

I wish more Library Science Professors sent stories to LISNEWS.

For those interested in evaluating the source - Kathleen de la Peña McCook

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