Fighting over Harry


Someone writes \"There are 2 very intersting letters to the editor in the augusta chronicle on harry potter
One andTwo \"

The first one is a person writing to complain about Harry in a local school.\"Potter author J.K. Rowling is doing nothing but promoting Satanism....I have read that her books are not much different than ......Don\'t these parents realize the day and age we live in and the imagination kids of today have? \"
The Second is the librarians response. \"As a conscientious media specialist and one who loves and cares about these kids, I felt it was my duty to read the book before I made any judgment calls, and I did. Tell me, Ms. Williams, as a conscientious parent, did you?More from the first one\"What a joke. I guess that is what we can expect from an atheistic point of view. No wonder our world today is in so much turmoil. It\'s because of people like J.K. Rowling writing books like the Harry Potter series.\"

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