The contrary library

The Columbus Dispatch has a nice Story on how public libraries are adapting to the internet age, and how well it is working.
They cover E-Reference, DVD\'s, E-Books, and Audio Books.

\"In the past quarter-century, public libraries have undergone significant changes...The moves have been popular: Two out of three Americans visited a public library in 1998.\" More from

\"The Internet, some cynics say, will render libraries obsolete, but Moore and Taylor disagree.

\"There is more information available to us than at any other time in the history of civilization,\'\' Moore said. \"Our job is to guide people to quality information.\'\'

Taylor said, \"I can\'t tell you how many times I\'ve seen someone come in and ask one of the librarians for information. They say, \'I was looking for that for three days, and it only took her three clicks . . . to find it.\' \'\'

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