Finding a location for W's Presidential Library

Baylor University is looking like the location for Bush's Presidential Library. This article from a local paper says that 400 mayors in Texas have endorsed Baylor, which is in Waco, as their choice location. Bush's father's library is at Texas A&M in the town of College Station.


Presidential libraries are really cool. That would be great to have 3 presidential libraries within 90 mile of each other.

Yes, but Bush jr. has ensured that any documentation generated by a president can be endlessly reclassified;

2001, November 01: George Bush Jr. holds presidents totally unaccountable to anyone for any reason what-so-ever

He signed into affect an executive order keeping secret the unreleased records of a former president at the sole whim of the sitting president; forever.

. . . most everything his administration has done since 11 Sep 2001 will be considered sensitive to not give away the "war" on terrorism; and it's a safe bet he won't allow anything that might be embarrassing. So what's left to stock his library with? His colouring book collection?

You are right. Your rational and intelligent discussion of this subject has convinced me. I am now a fang-face true-believer. I will now agree with everything he posts and I will even start adding those cute canadian u's to words like coloring.

That's wonderful! What better location for Bush's library than a free-speech-opposing university that disciplines its students for daring to say that maybe gays should have the same rights as the rest of us?

We were all hoping you'd see the light, pchuck.

Well the source you quote, the always objective CNN says : "would not take action against the student editors and writers."

I am not certain what would not take action means on your planet but here it means they were not disciplined.

Just because one's religious beliefs differ from the politically correct nonsense of the day does not make those who stand by their convictions horrible, evil people. Baylor is a Baptist school, Baptists who hold true to their teachings believe that persons of the same gender may not marry one another.

Guess what gay people have the same rights as the rest of us! Gay people can get married- just like the rest of us. They just cannot get married to persons of the same gender - just like the rest of us.

I am not certain why anyone would want to be defined solely by what they do with their genitalia.

The very fact that they hassled the students and threatened them is enough. The school has certainly made clear that it does not support free speech - the story also says that students are flat out not allowed to participate in pro-gay student groups. How is limiting free speech not taking action?

As for your other argument, I am very tired of hearing people say that gays have the same right to get married as "the rest of us." First of all, that very phrasing indicates that you see gay people as being completely different from other people, like some strange subgroup. They love people of the same gender; other than that gays are just like everyone else. Secondly, the argument itself is bull. You have the right to marry the people you love and that you lust after. You have the right to have your sex life legitimized in the eyes of the law. Gays do not. Closeted gays have indeed lived in straight marriages - and been miserable. This argument is a pathetic excuse for denying people the right to have their love recognized.

In any case, back to libraries. I am still amused by the idea of Bush's library being at the most conservative, anti-free-speech university I know of in Texas.

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