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This weeks Friday updates include Contentville, more on the strike in Ohio, more medical than porn, volunteer quizzed, genomes, hurrah for Minneapolis, Baker and Taylor fiasco, librarian gets and award, Detroit library gets money, and much more. Does anyone have a good Quote of the Week? I couldn\'t find one.

2:00pm Blake Butts in...Someone just suggested 2 different quotes of the week. Read on for them.....Contentville, Writers Make Nice
Wired Reports:
The National Writers Union (NWU) and, a new website founded by publisher Steven Brill, formally announced an agreement to compensate writers for works purchased by visitors to the site.
The agreement, which was approved unanimously by the NWU National Executive Board, is the first of its kind between a major Web-based content provider and the union. NWU\'s Publications Rights Clearinghouse (PRC) will now assign and pay royalties to writers whose work is sold on Contentville.

Help the Canton Strikers
The Site was set up by someone who is pro-union in Canton Ohio, where the strike continues. They have a couple ways you can support those on strike. Thanks to Rory for this one.

Who would\'ve thought?
It turns out people use the WWW to search for Medical Information more than they use it to search for Porn now. Yes, more people trust the web to keep them alive than trust it to find them naked ladies. CNET has the story.

From Ananova
Volunteer librarian quizzed after rare books go missing
\"A library worker has been arrested after rare and historic books
and maps valued at £200,000 were smuggled out of a unique collection
based at the Japanese Embassy in London.\"

From the Chicago Tribune
Libraries To Launch Program On Genome
\"Local libraries will spearhead a project to explain how
discoveries of the Human Genome Project will affect people\'s lives
in a pilot program that is expected to be expanded nationwide.\"

From the Star Tribune
Council majority OKs $140 million library vote
\"Minneapolis residents will get a chance to vote this fall on
whether to raise their taxes so that the city can borrow $110 million
to build a new downtown library and $30 million to upgrade neighborhood

From Digital City
State Richer In Settlement Over Books
\"Tennessee will share in a settlement of a lawsuit against a book
supplier. State Attorney General Paul Summers says the state will get
about 340-thousand dollars. The settlement was part of a
15-point-five-Million dollar settlement between a group of 18
states and Baker and Taylor, Inc.\"

From the Canton Reporter
Canton Council hears gripes about library
\"Library union supporters and neighbors locked in a dispute over
dogs had their say at City Council’s meeting Monday night. Debbie
Schneider, national president of District 95 of the Service Employees
International Union, asked the city to support the library workers.
Workers went on strike July 31.\"

From Michigan Live
Librarian honored for innovations
\"Josie Parker, who previously worked at libraries in Ypsilanti
and Chelsea, will receive the Loleta Fyan Award at an October
conference in Detroit. It is given to librarians with less than
10 years on the job who make innovative contributions to the field.\"

From the Detroit Free Press
Library gets $5 million in aid
\"Renovations can start on the Detroit Public Library\'s downtown
branch, which has been closed for two years, thanks to a $5-million
grant from the Skillman Foundation to be announced today.\"

From Virtual New York
Internet access restricted to sex offenders
\"In a first of its kind program, San Antonio
sex offenders placed on probation or parole will soon find their
access to the information superhighway slowed significantly.\"

From My San Antonio
Library giveaway goes awry
\"San Antonio Public Library volunteers were overwhelmed Saturday
morning by the unexpected turnout of several thousand more people
than expected at the library\'s annual \"Party in the Park,\" lured
by the promise of free school supplies.\"BR>

Quotes of the week
\"Lets replace the striking library workers too! A lot of people can do what they do with minimal training using computers.\" --Current library patron SOURCE: Canton Repository online Comments from you, our readers Comments from Thursday, Aug. 10: Story: Striking Nurses and Library Workers

\"We did not all write like Hemingway but we surely drank like Hemingway.\'\' —author SCOTT TUROW, on the literary circle he was part of as an aspiring novelist at Stanford University. etc. notable quotes

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