Stump The Librarian


Anonymous Patron writes "here's a neat idea The Deer Park Public Library is presenting a unique challenge to its patrons. Throughout National Library Week, April 18–24, Deer Park Reference Librarians will challenge the community to "Stump the Librarian," by defying library-goers to present a question they don’t think they could answer!"


What is the point of stumping the librarian?What a dumb idea. Maybe "Appreciate Your Librarians" would be something nicer for the, I am sure, overworked and underpaid staff.(eye roll)And of course, if the staff don't like this celebratory plan, they are probably too nervous to rock the boat.

Nope, not a troll, to the idiot who put that up next to my prior post. Just a former librarian tired of seeing my brother and sister librarians subjected to stupid ideas like "stump the librarian".Labeling someone whom you disagree with a troll is not very library like.Instead of stupid little games, perhaps "Pay Equity for Library Workers" would be a better theme?

Well, I think it is a neat idea.I tried to search for their website for more details but that stumped me :lol Does this library not have a website or can someone find one? I tried googling and other means but came up with zip. I did find one website where they were listed as being a part of an association but that was it. I also found a host of other articles from the South Bay News about them.

I looked at - this gives the website as:

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