Preventing an e-book Napster

MSNBC has a Report on the Microsoft/Barnes and Noble E-Book venture. One of the interesting things about this venture is the idea they can stop piracy. The idea is to “help set up an honest, reasonably priced, robust market” for e-books, so no one will want to steal them! In a realted story, the desktop version of the eBook Reader will offer a full set of features and support for the highest levels of security, the Pocket PC version does not. Pocket PC glitch: Few readable e-books

\"“The lessons of the music industry are not lost on my friends here,” said Brass, referring to top officials from, Time Warner Inc. and Simon & Schuster\"More from MSNBC

“We need to convince people that stealing bits is just stealing,” Brass said. “If it’s no longer possible for authors and artists and movie makers to sell their products without them being stolen, then there’s no more possibility for progress.”

While Microsoft already includes strong encryption as part of its Reader technology, Brass acknowledged that hackers, “rogue governments and even 14-year-olds” would be able to break it if they so desired.

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