Don\'t Rush LC To Collect The Web


The Advocate has a nice Editorial on The Library of Congress. Remeber that report from The National Research Council that said the Library of Congress could turn into no more than a \"museum of books\" if it didn\'t take steps to apply its archival talents to the digital world? Well Jared Kendall say Pish Posh to that silly idea. He thinks LC would be better of putting the collection it has online, rather collecting what it online.

\"Reliability is what the Web needs more of, not storage space. The Library of Congress doesn\'t need the Web. The Web needs the Library of Congress. \"
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\"Some information isn\'t worth keeping. If anything, the Web suffers from an overabundance of useless content already. How could we possibly distinguish the wheat from the chaff, and why bother if both are bound to persist on their own?

What the Library of Congress really needs is to focus more of its efforts on making the materials it archives available online. It already puts around 1 million items on its Web site each year, and that effort should be strongly encouraged. This is because the Library of Congress has something the Web needs: A reliable source of information.

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