Law library for laymen

Here\'s a nifty story on the opening of York County (VA) law library. The library consists of a few computers and some printed materials. The library\'s computerized databases include Virginia Law on Disc; and Federal Law Solution, which has U.S. Code and information on U.S. Supreme Court and Fourth District Court cases. Print materials in the library\'s archives include the Code of Virginia; York County Code; and Michie\'s Jurisprudence, an encyclopedia of legal information for Virginia and West Virginia.

\"The software, in addition to Internet access, should be enough to get people started and answer a lot of questions, County Attorney James Barnett said.\"
\"You get a lot of people who try to do a lot of their own legal research,\" said Barnett, who recommended that the county Board of Supervisors approve an ordinance that will help fund the library.

\"They get into boundary disputes with their neighbors, or they find themselves in some minor legal difficulties, or they\'re in a divorce situation and they\'re questioning something that their spouse\'s lawyer told them -- they may or may not be represented on their own,\" he said. \"Or, they just maybe just want to know.\"

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