Lexis-Nexis finds a new market niche: Prisons


Martin writes "Lexis-Nexis has begun installing kiosks in prisons and so far, everyone likes them. They save shelf space in cramped prison libraries, librarians no longer have to file updates in the books, and they make it easier for prisoners to find informtion. Prison oficials wanted to be sure that the kiosks were tamper-proof. The touch-screen monitors are covered in shatterproof glass inside a steel box bolted to a wall. "We've taken a crowbar to it. It doesn't shatter," said a company official.

AP Has The Story"


Good article. I have one comment. A librarian is quoted as saying:

"I use the system myself because it's much easier to look up statutes using the touch screen than it is with our books."

It sounds like this librarian doesn't know how to use an index. It is much easier finding statutes in the books and it is much easier reading the statutes in the books.

Other than that small quibble, this sounds like a good idea due to the nature of legal information in a prison setting.

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