Looksmart Extends its Reach with New Portal Partnerships


Looksmart always defined itself as a competitor to Yahoo! It is spreading its tentacles into many major web portals such that more and more Internet users will be treated to the handiwork of Looksmart\'s staff of 200 professional editors.Looksmart wasn\'t exactly the second company ever to come up with the idea of a helpful categorized guide to Internet sites, of course. Even those \"Cool Site of the Day\" things we all used to look at in 1995 did basically the same thing - tell users where the good stuff is. But most big-league attempts to play me-too in the Internet directory space owned by Yahoo! had fizzled. (Whatever happened to Magellan after it was acquired by Excite? Pathfinder? Point Communications ? Some of these sites are, ahem, a little light on contact information today.)

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