Cyberporn in the library


Here\'s a great article from First Monday (A Peer Reviewed Internet Journal) on how libraries and librarians are dealing with all the XXX web sites.

\"This article examines the conflict that cyberporn raises between the mission of libraries, the rights of library patrons, and the law. In the first part of this essay, the terms \"pornography\", \"obscenity\", and \"child pornography\" are defined, followed by an exploration of the issues surrounding the availability of cyberporn on public accessible computers in libraries. The views of librarians on cyberporn are examined as well as legal and feminist perspectives.About the AuthorJoyce H-S Li holds a B.M. from Ohio University and a M.L.S. from Indiana University. She is currently a Ph. D. candidate in the Department of Library and Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research interests include information ethics, in particular, privacy. The title of her dissertation is \"Internet Privacy: A Study of the Center for Democracy and Technology\'s Influence on Legislation and Opinion, 1995-2000.\"
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