New Tech Toy To Play With

If you are one of the proud few librarians hanging out on Identica, something new has been created. Beyond the main feed having its story titles posted to a feed there, a group for discussion has been created. Unlike Twitter which has to have this bolted on from third party providers like Twibes, Identica provides group functionality in house.

A group for story discussion and the like was created earlier. You can learn about the nascent group here: To post so that the whole group sees it, you need merely add any of the following to your post: !lisnewsterz, !bibliomicroblog, !lischat. Such means you can see relevant discussion without having to subscribe to three million people of diverging interests simultaneously. To sign up to see posts, go to the group page and hit join.

This is a tech powertoy for folks to play with over vacation time. This Identica functionality does not have a two-way bridge with Twitter at this time. Identica natively accepts posts via e-mail, XMPP, curl, web, and more than a few mainstream desktop clients.

If you are not a user of Identica already, visit their sign-up page.

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