The New Rig

The move back to Ashtabula has been an interesting one. This is the current general computing rig in play: Desktop One The desktop is a PowerMac G4 (Bondi Blue, even!) that is presently running Ubuntu 9.04. It was fairly difficult to get up and running. Few Linux distributions play nicely with PowerPC chips so selection was a trial-and-error matter. A nice side effect, though, is that it does not appear Ubuntu has had to load any restricted drivers so far. This is the recording rig: The microphone This is greatly scaled back from operations in Nevada. The edges of production may be slightly rough for now. This is what happens in perilous economic times like this where finances of even John Q. Public are questionable. And here is one of our mascots, Purrzy: Barn Cat If you click on any picture above you'll be whisked away to Flickr to view larger sizes. We're not quite there yet in restoring operations for Erie Looking Productions but we will surmount those obstacles soon.
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