New Library Shuts Down To Locate Pungent Problem

Cape News reports that the new Mashpee (MA) Public Library closed, opened, and closed again this week due to issues with the building’s ventilation system and a horrible smell emanating from the first floor foyer.

The library was closed to the public from last Thursday until Monday to fix a mechanical problem with the air conditioning system that apparently caused high moisture in the throughout the building. It was reopened Monday through Wednesday of this week, but after contractors could not rid the circulation desk area of a pungent odor, they closed it again yesterday and it remained closed through the day. Catherine A. Laurent, director of the Mashpee Department of Public Works, said the library will be closed through the weekend as contractors work to identify the source of the smell.

She said the closure may be extended beyond the weekend, depending on what work needs to be done to fix the problem.

Town officials said that the air conditioning drainage problem was quickly fixed during the closure last weekend, but the smell, most noticeable around the circulation desk, hung around through the week. The cause of the smell remained a mystery, making its eradication a challenge.

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