New Leniency for Overdue Library Books


At a time when monetary fines for overdue items can be an added hardship, libraries institute new forms of payment.

Article in the NYT


“The [Denver] library philosophy is: We do not want to restrict access to information. The use of fines or harsh collection tactics — and we could potentially do that — could essentially restrict people’s access to the library.”

remember that Denver is the city that gives out $35,000 worth of books to someone (that he never returns) before they "restrict access."

how much creamed corn do I need to donate to clear up those fines?

What other leverage do libraries have in maintaining materials? We don't want to restrict information, but when patrons don't have the motivation or responsibility to return materials, informatin IS withheld from others. I'm all for periodic amnesty programs, but I'm more for personal responsibility.

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