New Jersey Public Libraries in Danger of Losing Significant Public Funding

<a href="">Here's a link to</a> a good article about what's going on my home state of NJ. What's interesting & depressing at the same time is that the League of Municipalities is only picking on public libraries and not police departments, boards of education, etc. I believe this is due to the fact that many -if not most- libraries are not unionized and librarians tend not to be politically active & vocal.


We have a union, but rarely has it addressed the issues of our "Professionalism", because our numbers are lacking in comparison to the union's clerical & Blue Collar numbers.

Not only that, I have been a contract negotiator, and most librarians are sadly willing to take whatever is handed to them....and instead have spent time fighting for part-timers (clerical staff) to have the same level of paid benefits as us. I find that many of our 20 hr. employees, with families, happen to have higher paid benefits than I do!

Also, when the Library (which is Not a part of the General Fund) is funded by the same funds as the Sheriff, Fire, Flood Control & Lifeguard Department, then we lose.

Maybe City Councils and Board of Supervisors need to look at their own budgets, especially & including their own "Discretionary" budgets and Per Diems.


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