New CD image of KNOPPIX released


DistroWatch reports that there is a new release of KNOPPIX. Release notes are posted. KNOPPIX is a LiveCD that is most often loaded with recovery tools. While great for IT personnel to attempt recovery on systems, the disc also allows for front-line library staff a chance to see if a comatose system can be booted before calling IT. A download manager such as wget or wget for Windows is needed for optimal downloading of the disc image from one mirror or another.


To those folks who don't know much about Knoppix or LiveCds and curious enough to click on this let me elaborate a little further. You download and burn this cd (usually using a cd burning program and choosing "burn from image"). Then you can restart your computer and it will start running the Knoppix operating system from the cd (you may need to go into your bios menu and play with the boot order). Then shutdown or restart, take out the cd and next time you boot you'll be in your usual OS. There's several livecds out there including. The cool thing is that this lets you play and experiment with linux without having to install anything.

While wget is nice, since if the download is interrupted you can do wget -c, I've rarely had problems when I've just had to download by using the browser. Even better if you're really of the geeky bent would be to use the torrent to download it. It also saves knoppix site and the mirrors considerable bandwidth.

Thank you very much

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