New 60-Second Survey: What is the value of an MLIS to you?

In 2008 Library Research Service launched our first 60-second survey, “What is the Value of an MLIS to You?,” in response to lively discussions about this topic on various listservs. Close to 2,000 library professionals weighed in, with over 1,000 leaving thoughtful comments about the MLIS degree. Three years later, as libraries and the environments in which they serve continue to change and evolve, LRS wondered how has the value of an MLIS fared? LRS has launched a new 60-Second Survey on the value of an MLIS to you. Do you feel your MLIS degree was/is worth the time and money invested in it? If asked today, would you recommend pursuing an MLIS degree? You tell us.

Click on this link to take the 60-Second Survey on the Value of an MLIS Degree to You:

Please pass this on to your colleagues-locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Library Research Service
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