Neil Gaiman wins Newbery.

Comic book geeks and nerds rejoice. Of 'The Graveyard Book,' Gaiman says, "It has a protagonist who is about eighteen months old in the first chapter, four in the second chapter, six in the third, and so on, until, by chapter eight, he is all of sixteen years old. There's no sex in it and no swearing. There is some really scary stuff in there, and a few of the people (all adults) who have read it have written to tell me they cried in the last chapter." Cool. <a href="">More here</a>.


Add Neil Gaiman to the celebrity Scientology list. Neil Gaiman was a class VIII auditor and Executive Director of the Birmingham Org. He was case Supervisor at the Guardian Office. He’s listed as completing three Scientology courses in 1988 and his family members are heavy-weight Scientologists; father David Gaiman was head of the Guardian Office and is active in Russia, sister Claire Edwards is an executive in Scientology Missions International (the recruiting end of Scieno), wife Mary Gaiman is listed as “clear” in 2002, Mother Sheila Gaiman is a big time Scientologist with her own site and is active in Russia. Sister Lizzie Calcione “runs a Scientology practice in East Grinstead , that is a mixture of auditing and WISE delivery.” The Gaiman Family are listed as founding US “Patrons” of Scientology for 2004 & 2006 so they donate large amounts of money to “clear the planet.” You can find his listing at the Scientology Site:

I live in Clearwater, apparently their moon base or something like that. Who cares what someone's religious beliefs are?

If you don't want to be a Scientologist or Presbyterian or Messianic Jew, or Shriner don't. Nobody is forcing you to. Is it a cult? who cares, they are not kidnapping and drugging people to recruit them and I've not seen a run on Flavor-Aid in the local stores. (It was not actually Kool-Aid).

The guy who cleans my carpets is a Scientologist, who freaking cares. I think they are probably complete loons, but lots of people think the same thing about Catholics.

Everyone should care about Scientologists such as Neil Gaiman in a position to influence impressionable young minds. Mr. Gaiman’s musings could lead an innocent reader into adopting the Scientology world view, which is manifestly dangerous and destructive, or pursuing Scientology and becoming ensnared in a cult that destroys lives.

Scientology uses mind-control techniques such as lie-detectors, interrogation, blackmail and “disconnection” (shunning of loved ones), Scientology strips people of money and autonomy. Ruthlessly attacking all perceived enemies with its Fair Game Policy (enemies can be "tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.), Scientology intimidates witnesses into silence. Scientology is psychologically and physically abusive, as exemplified by their Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) where Prison camps are run for "Sea Org" members in Los Angeles, Clearwater FL, Copenhagen and other sites. Scientology front groups like Narconon prey on people who have fallen through the cracks of society.

Here is a great statement on the dangers of Scientology.

The last time I ever witnessed a movement that had these qualifications: (1) a totally monolithic movement with a single point of view and a single authoritarian head; (2) replete with fanatical followers who are prepared and programmed to do anything their master says; (3) supplied by absolutely unlimited funds; (4) with a hatred of everyone on the outside; (5) with suspicion of parents, against their parents -- the last movement that had those qualifications was the Nazi youth movement, and I'll tell you, I'm scared.
-- Rabbi Maurice Davis, Youth, Brainwashing and the Extremist Cults

Geez, get a life.

What is the difference between Neil Gaiman and Tim Lehaye?

Seems all about the same to me...espousing one's point of view or religious beliefs cloaked under the auspices of "fiction"....and since people actually want to read this stuff, well we have it in our library.

As long as I don't have to read it....

Neil practices the same cruel and manilupative practices with his loved ones as many other Scientologists. He recently sent his girlfriend of 15 years a letter to "disconnect" with typical Scientology lingo, that sounded like an insane person wrote it.

I have never read any of his work, only his person writing and that sounded like it came from the mind of a person in a cult. I know a lot about cults and a lot about Neil, and I don't see how he could keep Scientology out of his work. It is much more then a religion, it is a life-style and allows for only a very rigid way of thinking.

I used to feel sorry for Neil, in that Scientology was forced on him, as he was born into it. But he is an adult now and he chooses it and has choose to raise his children in it as well. And sadly he is abusive to people in his life so I no longer fell sympathy for him.

By the way Neil is not married. Mary Gaiman is his ex-wife, they are divorced.

whoever wrote all those cruel things about Neil needs to be nicer get a life get a job or get some [email protected]#$%^$%^

Mister Gaiman is indeed a Scientologist, he takes services at Flag in Clearwater Florida. Having been deeply involved in Scientology I can tell you that Scientologists are audited and drilled until their responses become inauthentic, they learn to mimic human emotions. It sounds as if Mister Gaiman has lied and hurt people but then Scientologists are fluent in lies, especially to outsiders or "Wogs." They also never take responsibility for themselves but blame their victims. The last letter in this thread is a particularly strange and weak defense of Mister Gaiman, the writer claims the comments are "cruel" but does not deny Mister Gaiman's involvement in the cult or his divorce. It is standard practice for Scientologists to accuse their victims of crimes especially in disconnect letters. Having received a disconnect letter myself, I can tell you it is a shocking experience, as if the person you loved had died. It is a tragedy that someone with Mister Gaiman's potential cannot extricate himself from Scientology, because it will ruin him financially and it will stunt him as an artist. As to Mister Gaiman's written work, it certainly explains the emotional deadness prevalent in his books.

I don't think it is cruel to tell the truth about what a person is really like. I certainly wouldn't be nice to Hitler if he was alive now. I don't see Neil's behavior towards others as deserving nicesness either. A user, a liar and a cheat to everyone in his life. Truth is truth and is much more important than being "nice". Lying about what people are really like to "be nice" is a bunch of shit. Wake up.

I was nice to Neil for many years while I watched him abuse ALL the people in his life over and over. I felt such sympathy for him because, he had been raised in a cult. But he is an abuser too and always has been, so my niceness goes to those who don't harm other people' not to people who continually abuse their loved ones as Neil does.

I'm quite sure you are also a Scientologist too, you have the same tone in your writing as all the other Scientologists who write supportive stuff about fellow Scientologists on the I-net. My job is not to "troll" the I-net and protect fellow cult members for $5.00 a week. Yes, I know a Scientologist who have told me that was what they did and were paid.

I've been reading Neil's blog for years and there has never been ONE mention of Scientology in his postings, nor in his books (which I've also read) that I can remember. If those are indeed his beliefs, he certainly isn't trying to push them on others. Before reading these hysterical postings by an army of "anonymous" (some of which sound suspiciously like spurned stalkers), I'd assumed the man was a practicing pagan. His writing is full of references to various mythological pantheons and polytheistic deities.

Of course, that's probably also grounds for burning-at-the-stake by some of the previous commenters. And regarding a divorce, if he *is* divorced, it just makes him part of the majority of the adult western world. It's a common occurrence and certainly none of anyone's business but his family's.

Elizabeth the No-Nonsense Agnostic

Neil's father David Gaiman died in the last week and he was a well known scientologist. I find it disturbing, the lack of maturity and respect some of these forum posts have, that disregard someone for their personal beliefs. In the west we have a luxury of a democracy where individuals are allowed to express their own personal political and religious veiws. Countless men and women have died worldwide to protect that value system and it would be worth remembering that the U.S. is not the sole arbiter of democracy and therefore the blood of less wealthy democratic countries has no less ideological capital. Neil Gaiman may or may not have a belief system that differs from the standard models of religion. For all we know he might be an athiest. It is his business and his alone. In narratological terms all religions are valid story structures in particular the mythic elements lend themselves very well to fantasy writing.

About the thing of Neil being a liar I actually think he's a very good liar in the platonic sense and should not be excluded from the republic! All authors are liars and the better the author the better the lie... sorry, made up fiction! Neil is a damn fine writer and novelist. I have heard it argued that some of his work should be added to the literary canon. It is clear that Neil Gaiman has a very clear sense of craft when writing and his work is carefully constructed, postmodern, reflexively self aware. No sign of scientology constructed hegemonically into his work.

Personally, I abhore scientology in the way I abhore many structured societies and religions, but it does not make it any the less valid and also the breakdown of this man's relationships are only under the microscope because he is a celebrity. We might find ourselves behaving in a mediated way if our anonymous and untalented private lives came under this kind of public scrutiny. Neil has a right to personal expression and freedom. You have a right to vote, or to not buy his books, but no one has the right to supress his opinion (even though he rarely expresses it in his literature). His work is very balanced and takes into consideration every point of veiw.

28th Feb post... How can you possibly quantify 'deadness'? You did not think that through before you made that comment. I am not a fan but I have done many close readings of all his work and what you postulate is just nonsence unless that is your opinion, otherwise you have no qualification to make such a predjudiced qualitative judgement about his body of literary work.

Another thing... Disconnection letters have been around for centuries they are called 'Dear John'. If your relationship reaches that point where it has broken down irrecoverably and you receive a 'Dear John' (Dear Judith if you are female?) then if there is going back down that emotional route and if you have sent one then you are just making your thoughts abundantly clear on that matter. I, personally would not send one to be honest, because I like to think that I could leave a way open for the future. Anyway we don't actually know the content of the letter and don't have the right to know. It is not in the public interest and we are not the judges of others lives, therefore we have no rights in this matter. I have no right to tell you, the writer of one of the contestable posts or you reader of this, what to do or how to do it. It is pure arrogance.

Elizabeth the no nonsense agnostic is absolutly right about 'hysterical' postings. It's the moral panic that ensues when an alledged... percived cult gains ground in society that leads to witch hunts and lynchings! Mr Gaiman has never tried to push scientology or any kind of morally superiour rhetoric through his work. I think that should rest the matter

Peter the bloody peeved!

I've actually seen these same negative comments elsewhere on the internet. Apparently there are one or two people out there with their hearts set on tarnishing Neil Gaiman's reputation.

I'm afraid, dear negative commenters, that between you and Mr. Gaiman, you are by far coming off more "cultish".

I find scientology to be weird and creepy. It seems to be a bullshit-money grab kind of religion, but frankly, all religions are pretty fucked up. I don't consider one imaginary friend all that different from another.

I love Mr. Gaiman's work, and he's only brought good into my life. I will continue to think well of him until this changes.

I know the scientologist blog linked up there ::points:: lists Gaiman among the ranks of the cuckoo, but Neil has talked about being raised *Jewish* and in his blog post about his father's death mentions having to say kaddish, which is the mourner's prayer, said by *Jews* who've lost parents/spouses/children, etc. Full text of the kaddish here: As far as I can tell, and I go by what people say about themselves as opposed to what other people say about them, Neil Gaiman is Jewish.

Neil Gaiman is Jewish. He lives in Minneapolis (i.e. very far from Florida). There is no girlfriend of 15 years, rather his wife of 20+years. They may be divorced now, but it would be very recent. Don't know, don't care.

I disagree with Scientology's practices, but I am more angered by you applying this crap to someone who is NOT a scientologist!

Now go annoy Tom Cruise.

Please stop giving the same lame excuses, that Neil Gaiman is "Jewish"..." that doesn't matter, there is no conflict in Scientology about belonging to a faith since Scientology is a CULT. Half of Scientologists are also Christian or Jewish. You are extremely naive about Scientology and the fact that Gaiman lies about his involvement.

Neil Gaiman is VERY involved with Scientology and so is every member of his family. The Scientology sites post information about him and discuss him and the fact that he takes services at FLAG.... they know he is a Scientologist in good standing.

David Gaiman who just died on March 7th, 2009 was head of the Guardian Office and was a co-conspirator in Operation Snow White. He was active in recruiting in Russia. Neil's sister Claire Edwards is a high-ranking executive in Scientology Missions International (recruiting end of Scientology), wife Mary Gaiman is listed as "clear" in 2002, Mother Sheila Gaiman has her own Scientology site, has taken something like 26 courses and is also active in converting the Russians. Sister Claire Edwards is one of the highest ranking Executives in Scientology Missions International, the arm of Scientology involved in recruiting. Other sister Lizzie Calcione “runs a Scientology practice in East Grinstead , that is a mixture of auditing and WISE delivery.”

Disconnection letters are not "Dear John" letters. They are a form of SHUNNING that cults use to control their members. Scientologists must be in good standing or they are DISCONNECTED by family members, so Neil's close association with family members is evidence he is in good standing with Scientology. Scientologists are often ordered to DISCONNECT, even to their own children or parents. Wise up and stand up for the TRUTH!

Neil Gaiman is a Scientologist and he funds Scientology. The Gaiman family are founding US "Patrons" of Scientology for 2004 & 2006. According to ex scientologist Jon Attack, Patrons (are) the highest ranking membership - of the International Association of Scientologists. Founding Patrons (those who became Patrons by the IAS 20th Anniversary (October/November 2004) have donated US $40,000. Patrons with Honor have donated US $100,000. Go to and search for Gaiman to find The Gaiman Family USA listed as Patrons. Gaiman donates BIG money to Scientology.??

Neil Gaiman is a hypocrite, defending freedom of speech in public and funding a dangerous CULT in secret. He is ashamed of his involvement but too much of a coward to stand against it. This is not moral hysteria, it is moral outrage. Scientology needs to have its tax free status revoked. Neil Gaiman is part of the problem.

You could not be more correct in your entire posting. And for those who posted previously about Mr. Gaiman being happily married, and there not being any "girlfriend" of 15 years or otherwise, guess again. He has FINALLY admitted (on his blog) to being divorced, and he has had a number of relationships over the past few years. Nothing wrong with that, he is a grown man, people have relationships all the time, right? In this case, it is as the previous posters have been stating; He is a complete hypocrite and a coward who does not care who he hurts.

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