National Archives Loss Adds to List of Govt. Data Goofs

National Archives Loss Adds to List of Govt. Data Goofs: Unfortunately, this isn't the first flub-up we've seen when it comes to seemingly dumb data mistakes by major government agencies. In fact, there have been several winners since just last year. Here, then, are our top four government data blunders of recent months, starting with this week's National Archives revelation.
4. The National Archives' Hard Drive Disappearance
3. The TSA's Lost-Then-Found Fumble
2. The U.S. Military's eBay Embarrassment
1. The U.K.'s Vanishing Disks. And Hard Drives. And Memory Sticks. And Computers.


Let's not forget that the FBI and the DOJ in general can't seem to keep track of their own laptops. The CIA is having the same issues too. I seem to recall not one, but two nuclear facilities misplacing their computers.

Maybe it's because I don't have a lot of money or work in a posh government job. But folks, I freakin' know where my laptop is and I know where it is right now. Without even leaving my desk right now I can tell you it's in a small case (it's an Eee PC) inside my messenger bag which is sitting on the island in my kitchen. I paid good money for that thing and I don't wanna lose it. If the library ever entrusts me with one of their laptops, I'd know exactly where it is too seeing as how I don't want to lose my job.

I know that, to get into many of these government jobs, you have to take psych evaluations and get security clearances and the whole bit. So I've got an idea for a different kind of test for these people. We need to start testing them for responsibility.

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