Movie rentals quadruple at library

More and more families are relying on the Children's Library for movie rentals from Townsend's (MA) Public Library, said Children's Librarian Stacy Schuttler.

"The circulation has quadrupled," Schuttler said.

Part of the reason behind the increased demand is the closing of the Movie Gallery rental store last year, Schuttler said.

"There's no video store in town anymore," she said.


Forgive the nitpickyness but 'movie rentals'? Shouldn't it be 'movie loans' ?

Considering the number of dialects of American English out there, it is simply a matter of usage and stylistic choice. I've seen it both ways even in the Detroit metro.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen
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As a student of linguistics I would agree with you, however I do wonder which part of the world it is a stylistic choice between to lend and to rent (and I do mean choice, versus incorrect usage)

English is not my first language. I learned british english as a kid, and then american english (northeast region) when I moved to the US. In both situations my teachers made it clear that to lend = free, to rent = not free.

They are loaned, not rented.

I called them they don't rent, although I think that might be a good revenue stream for libraries -even partnerships with the movie rental places to rent out some new movies. Could be collection development problems, but quien sabe, it is an idea.

I am also sending them a box of DVDs I know others may want to see that I will never watch again. I kept thinking of dropping them off at my local library, but for five bucks (library rate) I can send them up there.

Less junk in my house, more stuff on library shelves. Everybody wins.

BTW they are delighted to get any DVDs you want to send. Their address is on their website at

Newspaper websites that don't clearly show where there are from drive me nuts. I had to look at the classifieds to figure out what state the Townsend in the article was talking about (then of course I saw Blake added MA in the slug)

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