The More Libraries Change The More They Stay The Same

Wayne Bivens-Tatum "Libraries Never Change"

This snapshot of library criticism from 75 years ago shows us both that libraries have in practice and principle changed dramatically in that time and in unpredictable ways. The only thing that hasn't seemed to change is the relentless criticism we apply to ourselves and our profession, the insistence that we are out of touch somehow with the larger world, that we've been "switched out of the current of social change, occupying a niche or eddy" of our own


What separates good libraries from becoming the best libraries? According to this article it is the ones that are able to further educate and inform those that are willing to instigate societal changes that better all of humanity. Do most libraries strive for toward this goal? Absolutely! While I find it necessary and productive to question the changes that libraries undertake to compel and invite the greater community to come in an examine the options for greater knowledge it is also imperative that we recognize that libraries are held back from becoming the best societal information resources due to one main reason - funding. This one problem the lack of monetary resources controls and limits access to information, staffing, appropriate technology and library buildings. As librarians it is always good to question the things we can may need to change; but equally important to recognize those that are beyond our ability to control.

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