Months-old Arizona state archives facility closes

Less than two weeks after its dedication, the new state archives building closes today, the latest consequence of the state's budget struggles.

The $38 million building, named after longtime lawmaker Polly Rosenbaum, opened late last fall and was dedicated in mid-January.

But on Tuesday, agency Director GladysAnn Wells announced the closure. It was the only way she could figure out how to carve $1.45 million from the $2 million remaining in the budget of the state Department of Library, Archives and Public Records, Wells said.


Shameful.... Are you telling us that these people had No Idea in January what was going on!

Wasteful, shameful, without mindfulness.

I am seeing this trend of building more libraries, because more "Capital Project" funding has been put in place for new buildings.. That is lovely, but in these times, where are we getting the money for the materials, staffing and operating costs?

This isn't making much sense.


Well, not to defend anyone, but given how government budgets typically work, there may not have been any choice.

In some of the places I've worked for, if the money was earmarked for a certain thing, no matter when it was actually marked for that thing, that's what the money must be spent on. The money to build buildings isn't there for staff or materials. It's there to build buildings. Why can't it be shifted out of the building fund to pay the staff or buy stuff? Because it's in the fund to build buildings, that's why.

Working for, with, or alongside any government rarely makes much sense.

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